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Part Number: KITLOG

Category: SOFTWARE



Kitlog Pro is a comprehensive four part software design that allows the builder/pilot to create, archive, maintain and display the entire building process of their aircraft. Whether your experimental aircraft is a plans-built EAA bi-plane, a Van’s RV, a Glastar, or even a Lancair IV-P, KitLog Pro is the most efficient way to ensure that you meet the requirements of a builder’s log for the certification of your home built aircraft. Each section of this comprehensive software package allows you to keep detailed records of your project, from its inception to final aircraft certification.

Section I: Research and Resources has all the FAA Advisory circulars and regulations pertinent to the construction of experimental aircraft. Its extensive data library is a great source of guidance throughout the entire building process.

Section II: Building the Aircraft features a detailed Construction Log that allows you to keep detailed records of time worked and pictures taken. Enter brief descriptions, detailed descriptions, captions, and more. Also included in this section is an Expense Log to track all expenses associated with your project. Enter the date, category, vendor, description, notes, shipping and handling fees, item cost, tax, and more. Also included is the ability to add or subtract items purchased or returned.

Section III: Inspection and First Flights includes a Weights & Balance Calculator to assist you with the initial weight and balance calculations when weighing the aircraft prior to inspection. Enter factory specifications, arms, weights, and different scenarios. You'll also find the Test Flight Log here. Record precious test flight information by entering the date, temperature, total time, test area, description, altitude, climb, manifold, RPM, fuel flow, and more.

Section IV: Maintaining the Aircraft has a log to keep detailed records of maintenance performed on the aircraft. Select from prop, engine, or airframe categories and enter detailed explanations of work performed.

Each of the logs or forms listed can be printed or posted to the internet. Also included are all FAA forms, advisory circulars and regulations pertinent to experimental aircraft. This is a great time-saving tool for the homebuilder. Requires computer with CD operating Windows 2000, Windows XP, or Windows Vista.

1 lbs (0.5Kg) shipping weight.

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