LENOX AUTOSCOPE KIT (15) (6600K-1500)

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Part Number: 6600K-1500



Specifications: Outer Diameter: .3125"; Working Length: 15"; Field Of View: 70°; Focal Range: .25" to infinity; Angle of View: 70°

Since its introduction in the mid 80's, the Autoscope has been the choice borescope inspection tool of aircraft engine manufacturers Teledyne Continental and Textron-Lycoming. It's an easy to use, portable, inexpensive, battery powered side viewing borescope that is optimized for viewing cylinder walls, and engine valve areas. The complete Autoscope kit includes the borescope, a heavy-duty battery handle with a 6 foot cord, and a plastic case. The Autoscope is recommended by Continental to perform the borescope inspection phase of their SB03-3 Service Bulletin. 6 lbs (2.5Kg) shipping weight.

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BULB, FOR 6600K-1500 AND 6600K-900
Part Number: 501-0167
Price:$56.95 Qty

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