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Part Number: I200B18

Category: TIME-RITE



Time-Rite is an instrument designed for precision timing of aircraft engines by direct measurement of piston travel.

The features of the Time-Rite design a moveable slide pointer, and an adjustable calibrated scale, eliminate the need for finding top dead center and compensate for the variables involved in accurate piston positioning.

Calibrated scales are available for most types of engines, and scale calibrations are obtained in cooperation with, and are approved by the engine manufactures.

Because of the difference in spark plug locations and piston dome shapes, different pivot arms are available to adapt the Time-Rite to most aircraft engines. All arms are easily interchanged.

This is the BASIC 18MM unit (arms and scales not included).

Technical data for this product is available by clicking here .

Note: This basic unit does not include scales or arms, which must be purchased separately. We also feature a complete kit which does include all arms and scales for 14mm engines I200B14K, 18mm engines I200B18K, or both I200BCK.

2 lbs (1Kg) shipping weight.

Install Time-Rite in the spark plug hole of the timing cylinder and turn the engine through one complete cycle which leaves the slide pointer at the highest piston travel point, permitting alignment of the zero degree position on the calibrated scale with the slide pointer.

Timing degree positions measured from the zero degree scale mark represent angular, crankshaft positions relative to true top dead center as obtained by methods using a pointer and protractor on the crankshaft.

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