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Part Number: 52-225-114


Product Features

  • 0-4" Range.
  • .001" Graduations.
  • 4" wide base.
  • Base surface hardened, ground and lapped.
  • Ratchet thimble.
  • Locking clamp.
  • Includes case.



The Fowler Economy Depth Micrometers, depending on the model, have a measurement range of 0 to 4" or 0 to 6", a base of 4", and a resolution (or smallest graduation interval) of 0.001", with + or - 0.0002" of accuracy.

The vernier scale provides precise measurements in fine units. Depending on the range of the model, the gauges include either or 0.176" diameter measuring rods.

The units have a ratchet thimble and locking clamp for accuracy. The bases of the units are ground, hardened, and lapped for durability and accuracy. They have a satin chrome finish to reduce glare when reading measurements. They come with two wrenches and a hardened case.

The gauges conform to Federal Accuracy specifications. Depth gauges are typically used in manufacturing, machining, and mechanical engineering.

Comes with full one year warranty on material and workmanship. Depth gauges are precision measuring instruments used to determine the depth of any shape that has a step, groove, or slot. These gauges often take the form of sliders that travel on a measuring beam or rods, are moved to position by hand, and then adjusted with a calibrated screw.

The base of the gauge rests at the top of the shape whose recession is to be measured, while the beam or rods extend to the bottom of the recession to determine the measurement. Gauge position is read from a graduated scale, dial, counters, or an electronic display.


2 lbs (1Kg) shipping weight.

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Part Number: 52-247-000
Fowler micrometer stand adjusts to any position. Provides a measuring position and angle for outside micrometers and other instruments.
Price:$87.95 Qty
Part Number: 52-247-005
A compact, well-constructed, folding micrometer stand with a unique locking mechanism that positions the micrometer over a 180° range for perfect use and viewing.
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Part Number: GT102
Practical and economic measuring tool for hobbyists and do-it-yourselfers. It is also great for day-to-day use in tool rooms and machine shops, and has a guaranteed accuracy to .001.
Price:$25.95 Qty

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