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Part Number: 2EM-14


Product Features

  • 14MM unit for Franklin and automobile engines
  • Contains MASTER OFFICE for checking accuracy of unit prior to use. See Continental Service Bulletin SB03-3 for details
  • Comes with 14mm Spark Plug Adapter and Hose
  • Gauges calibrated to a relative accuracy of +/- 0.5% (matched), and absolute accuracy of +/- 1% or one scale increments (whichever is greater) in either direction.





NOTE: The ATS 2EM Differential Pressure Tester has a .040” orifice as required by Teledyne Continental SB03-3 Service Bulletin, and is the proper type of instrument to test ALL Teledyne Continental engines in accordance with the aforementioned bulletin. The ATS 2EM also complies Textron Lycoming SI-1191A Service Instruction and is appropriate for ALL Textron Lycoming engines as indicated in the Service Instruction. For all other makes of engines, consult FAA AC43.13 REV 1B for guidance in selecting the proper instrument for your engine’

The Model 2EM-14 Differential Cylinder Pressure Tester combines the features of our popular 2E tester and a Master Orifice into one tool. Now you can conveniently check your engine's leakdown rate against its built-in calibrated standard to instantly determine if your engine's cylinder leakage is within the manufacturer's limits. Specifications: Orifice size is .040". precision gauges matched to within +/-2%. Includes 14MM Spark Plug Adapter, 24" pressure hose, and complete instructions. Protective form-fitted hard case included. Factory calibrated. Letter of certification available upon request.

3 lbs (1.5Kg) shipping weight.

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