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Part Number: AAJ-375


Product Features

  • Adjustment range: 17.5" to 39.5".
  • Single unit provides the tailpost and tailweight functions.
  • No more sandbags.
  • Telescoping square tube post pins in 3" increments.
  • Rugged swivel casters.
  • Corrosion resistant galvanized weight box.
  • Ships a 32 lbs - finished weight of 375 lbs.



Alpha Aviation's unique tail weight design allows the secure anchoring of compression or torsion loads without the need for numerous sandbags and anchor chains. The Model 375 Tailweight/Post is a safer and more professional approach to securing the tail of an aircraft undergoing maintenance. It is shipped knocked down, and is easily assembled and weighted using six (6) sixty pound bags of Quickcrete -- obtained locally.


32 lbs (15Kg) shipping weight.

For over 12 years, family owned and operated Alpha Aviation has been making high quality aircraft jacks with the kind of craftsmanship and attention to detail that you just don't see in mass-market types. Each jack is hand fabricated, assembled, and thoroughly inspected to ensure that you will consistently receive the finest aircraft jack for your money. And with over 4,000 units in service since 1995, Alpha Aviation Aviation Jacks are field-proven to provide safe, rock-steady support for your airplane.

Find your jack: There are 5 models to cover just about every light aircraft. Locate your airplane in the chart below and select the appropriate jacks. Or if it's not listed, measure the height from the ground to your airplane's jack point and select jacks that are shorter, but with enough range and load capacity to safely lift your airplane.

(*Any of the indicated models will work)
Commander 112/114/115326, 332, 838, 8683No
Baron326, 332, 838, 8682Yes
Bonanza BE33/35/36324, 326, 332, 838, 8682Yes
Debonair BE333326, 332, 838, 8682Yes
Duchess BE76326, 332, 838, 8682Yes
Musketeer BE23326, 332, 838, 8682Yes
Sierra BE23332, 838, 8682Yes
Sundowner BE23326, 3322Yes
Travel Air BE95326, 332, 838, 8682Yes
BELLANCAAll Low Wing, including SUPER VIKING3242Yes
CESSNACessna 172/177/182/2108682Yes
Cessna 310/320332, 838, 8683-4No
Cessna 337 Skymaster8682Yes
Cessna 340/400 series838, 8683-4No
GRUMMANCheetah, Tiger326, 332, 838, 8682Yes
MOONEYOvation, Acclaim324, 326, 332, 838, 8682Yes
PIPERApache PA23326, 332, 838, 8682Yes
Arrow PA28R326, 332, 838, 8682Yes
Aztec PA23838, 8682Yes
Brave PA25326, 332, 838, 8682Yes
Cherokee PA28/PA32326, 332, 838, 8682Yes
Comanche PA24324, 326, 332, 838, 8682Yes
Lance PA32326, 332, 838, 8682Yes
Saratoga PA32326, 332, 838, 8682Yes
Seminole PA44326, 332, 838, 8682Yes
Seneca 1/11/111326, 332, 838, 8682Yes
Twin Comanche PA30/39324, 326, 332, 838, 8682Yes

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