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Part Number: ACC-TL3


Product Features

  • 3-pc set, 2x 12" flat & 1x 15" curved
  • Extremely rugged and sturdy, drop forged steel, good for your heavy tires
  • Black oxide and Zinc coated
  • Ergonomically designed, the perfect shape for getting a good bite on the tire
  • BeadBuster exclusive design



If you want to change tires by yourself, in your garage or at the hangar, you'll need 2 things: A BeadBuster and this Tire Lever Set (aka Tire Irons). The BeadBuster will break the bead loose from the rim, but you need a good set of tire irons to get the tires completely off of the rim. The unique curved shape of the large 15" lever makes removal easy with extra leverage, and it has the perfect shape for reaching over the lip of the rim to start the job. The shorter levers are perfect for working your way around the tire, and also have a curved tip on one end. These are quality levers, extremely rugged and well balanced, and they are a BeadBuster exclusive design. They are thicker and heavier than most tire irons you'll find elsewhere and are the perfect size for most tires.




3 lbs (1Kg) shipping weight.

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Part Number: ACC-TML
Our lubricant paste is designed to assist in mounting rubber tires and tubes on all types of wheels. It is fortified with rust inhibitors to provide protection against corrosion of the wheels. This mild formula is worker friendly.
Price:$19.95 Qty
Part Number: XB-455
BeadBuster all-purpose tire bead breakers are small but mighty and will break the toughest tire beads! You know those hard-to-remove tires that are so frustrating? BeadBusters will break them in just a few steps.
Price:$99.95 Qty
Part Number: XB-550
The BeadBuster XB-550 HEAVY DUTY is the big brother of the original XB-450. All of the 45X series tools have the same design geometry, the 550 is larger in every way. Heavier steel, thicker walls, more extension.
Price:$258.95 Qty

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