Part Number: ATS-VS22H

The flexible probe of our new VS-21 and VS-22 videoscopes is great for maneuvering around the inside of an engine cylinder, or getting around nearby obstacles. But sometimes you just need a straight shot to your target.

That’s when you’ll reach for the new ATS-VS22H Holding Tube to provide the rigidity to reach into the deep recesses of a wing section or fuselage while maintaining the precise control and freedom afforded by our new videoscopes.

Simply slide the probe into the handle and up through the rigid steel guide tube of the ATS-VS22H Holding Tube, then twist the red locking collar to secure the probe, and you’re ready to go deep.

The ATS-VS22H Holding Tube is 16.5” (419mm) long and includes a 17.7” (450mm) extension tube for a total length of up to 34.2” (869mm).

The guide tubes are made of thin-walled stainless steel for strength and light weight. They will not rust or corrode and will resist most solvents and chemicals.

The handle is made of a pliable vinyl for complete comfort, and the locking ring is made of high-impact plastic.

Complete your videoscope inspection kit by getting a ATS-VS22H Holding Tube and you’ll never come up short again.

1 lbs (0.5Kg) shipping weight.