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Part Number: AFC001


Product Features

  • Lightweight: only 14 pounds for everything.
  • Affordable: less than half the price of competitors.
  • Basic programming instructions: for a quick reference
  • Calibrated data logger: easy recording your cures.
  • Silencing alarm: you can mute with one touch.
  • Heat-gun: comes with a heat gun used with most repairs.



The Final Approach Composites cure box complies with every major composite aircraft manufactures maintenance manuals in the united states. Every repair is recorded within 1/10 of a degree of temperature and relative humidity. You can use any source from a heat gun to a commercial heater. The heat box has an alarm that will sound when the part reaches plus or minus ten degrees out of parameters. The best part is the cure box is TSA compliant so you can take it anywhere, the cure box also fits carry on.

With the Final Approach Composites curing system you can perform repairs to your aircraft without having to ferry it to another shop or have the expense of bringing a composite technician on site.

When repairing composites, it is essential that you adhere to curing schedule of the resin. This includes not only the holding time and temperatures (dwells), but also the time it takes to raise and lower the temperatures (ramps). Failure to do so would most likely result in a flawed repair. To ensure this, the equipment of choice is a Curing Controller (also called a Hot Bonding Controller), which takes the guesswork out of curing process.

Unfortunately, these controllers can easily cost $5,000 or more, putting them well outside the budget of most mechanics. But now, the Final Approach Composite Curing System, makes this technology affordable.

It's a complete solution to manage the curing cycle. It will control the temperature and time of the included heat gun (or any 110V heat source) to comply with your programmed settings. It also includes a data logger to accurately record the curing process for your records, as well as a complete system of safety controls to prevent under-heating or overheating.

The Final Approach Composite Curing System is an affordable, easy to use, hot bonding controller with all of the professional features that makes it the equipment of choice for several leading aircraft companies.

14 lbs (6.5Kg) shipping weight.

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