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Part Number: FH816


Product Features

  • 16 gauge (.060") bending capacity mild steel
  • 97" bending length (straight bending only)
  • Leveling screws and lock nuts on the pedestals
  • Replaceable nose bar and apron inserts



Tennsmith's FH Series hand brakes are an economically-priced solution for your bending needs. They feature all-steel construction with heavy-duty steel clamp handles, heavy yokes, grease fittings and an apron stop rod that complement the many other fine features of these heavy-duty brakes. The removable apron angle and insert permit 1/4-inch reverse bends in lighter material.

Features & Specifications:

Ships directly from the manufacturer. Allow 3 to 5 weeks for production and delivery.

1626 lbs (739Kg) shipping weight.

Tennsmith® Floor Model Hand Brakes are available as either STRAIGHT or BOX & PAN models. Straight brakes consists of a single bending bar extending over the entire span of the brake. Box & Pan brakes have a series of "fingers", which are short bending bars that can be positioned along the span of the brake to produce the cutouts necessary when forming a sheet into box or a pan.

Part NumberCapacityBending LengthFinger WidthsMax Box DepthWeight
Straight Brakes
FH81818 gauge (1.25 mm)97" (246 cm)-n/a--n/a-1300 lbs (591 kg)
FH81616 gauge (1.60 mm)97" (124 cm)-n/a--n/a-1650 lbs (750 kg)
FH101818 gauge (1.25 mm)121" (307 cm)-n/a--n/a-2200 lbs (1000 kg)
FH101616 gauge (1.60 mm)121" (307 cm)-n/a--n/a-2675 lbs (1216 kg)
HB48-1212 gauge (2.70 mm)49" (124 cm)-n/a--n/a-1100 lbs (500 kg)
HB73-1616 gauge (1.60 mm)73" (185 cm)-n/a--n/a-1200 lbs (545 kg)
HB97-1818 gauge (1.25 mm)97" (246 cm)-n/a--n/a-1385 lbs (628 kg)
HB97-1616 gauge (1.60 mm)97" (246 cm)-n/a--n/a-1675 lbs (760 kg)
HB97-1212 gauge (2.70 mm)97" (246 cm)-n/a--n/a-2800 lbs (1273 kg)
HB121-1414 gauge (2.00 mm)121" (307 cm)-n/a--n/a-3250 lbs (1477 kg)
HB121-1616 gauge (1.60 mm)121" (307 cm)-n/a--n/a-2875 lbs (1304 kg)
HB121-1818 gauge (1.25 mm)121" (307 cm)-n/a--n/a-2300 lbs (1043 kg)
HB145-1818 gauge (1.25 mm)145" (368 cm)-n/a--n/a-3400 lbs (1545 kg)
Box & Pan Brakes
HBU48-1212 ga (2.70 mm)48-1/4" (122 cm)2,3,4 in. (51,76,101 mm)4" (102mm)1330 lbs (603 kg)
HBU72-1616 ga (1.60 mm)72" (183 cm)2,3,4 in. (51,76,101 mm)4" (102mm)1700 lbs (772 kg)

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