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Part Number: 992130


Product Features

  • Used for cleaning primary and secondary structural surfaces on aircraft
  • Polish and clean windows and windshields (aircraft and marine)
  • Compatible with all disinfectants, cleaning fluids, and solvents
  • Material Composition: Woodpulp (55%)/Polyester (45%)
  • Silicone free • Low lint
  • Size: 12" x 13" (1/4 folds)
  • Meets Specifications: AMS 3819C, Class 2, Grade A, Form 1 / BMS 15-5G, Class A



Your plane can get so dirty and full of unwanted substances that it may just start to look sickly. Whatever ails your aircraft in terms of soiled surfaces can be cured with American Fiber's Purewipe Cleaning Cloths. These cloths are specially designed not only for aerospace application but for industrial use as well. American Fiber offers Purewipe cloths in various blends. These particular cloths have a 55% wood pulp, 45% Polyester composition. When high absorbency is a priority, these wipers deliver in folds. Speaking of which, these cloths come in 1/4 folds and in a pack of 50. Need to retain a high level of liquids? No problem; Purewipes can make it happen. Clean with assurance based on the following features:

1 lbs (0.5Kg) shipping weight.

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