Part Number: 18400

Titan Convertible Internal External Snap Ring Pliers are probably the finest snap ring plier you will own. After years of struggling with pliers that don't stay connected at the pivot point, or tips that aren't angled correctly and the ring slips off, losing a hex key to replace tips is murder or tools that just don't work well, we have found the solution. The 18400 Titan unit really delivers.

To start the pivot point is completely different than anything out there. A simple mechanical ratchet system keeps the union tight and in the correct orientation and the action is reversible with a flip of a lever from internal to external. The tips no longer require a hex key to replace, simply flip the red locking lever and the tip is removed. The tips are tapered slightly to hold the ring at the point of engagement so it wont slip off when lifting the ring out of its seat. The set Includes 8 Interchangeable Tips: 2 Straight Chrome, 2 - 90 degree chrome , 2 - Straight hardened, 2 - 90 degree hardened. A comfort grip handle that's tapered so it wont slip off the metal tool.

1 lbs (0.5Kg) shipping weight.