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Part Number: HB121-18


Product Features

  • 120" Working Length Straight (unfingered) Brake
  • 18 gauge (.045") mild steel capacity
  • Removable apron angle and insert, permitting 1/4" reverse bends
  • Leveling screws and lock nuts on the pedistals
  • Fully adjustable counter balances to facilitate the bending process
  • Replaceable nose bar and apron inserts



Tennsmith bending brakes are built for long service and accurate bending. Welded steel plate construction and heavy truss rods and braces provide strength and durability. With much more substantial steel side plates than other domestically made uint, these brakes have the rigidity required for upper beam adjustment without the use of wrenches. Equipped with thrust bearings, the upper leaf adjustment screws permit quick, accurate alignment for different material thicknesses or radii.

Features & Specifications:

Ships directly from the manufacturer. Allow 3 to 5 weeks for production and delivery.

2350 lbs (1068.5Kg) shipping weight.

Tennsmith® Floor Model Hand Brakes are available as either STRAIGHT or BOX & PAN models. Straight brakes consists of a single bending bar extending over the entire span of the brake. Box & Pan brakes have a series of "fingers", which are short bending bars that can be positioned along the span of the brake to produce the cutouts necessary when forming a sheet into box or a pan.

Part NumberCapacityBending LengthFinger WidthsMax Box DepthWeight
Straight Brakes
FH81818 gauge (1.25 mm)97" (246 cm)-n/a--n/a-1300 lbs (591 kg)
FH81616 gauge (1.60 mm)97" (124 cm)-n/a--n/a-1650 lbs (750 kg)
FH101818 gauge (1.25 mm)121" (307 cm)-n/a--n/a-2200 lbs (1000 kg)
FH101616 gauge (1.60 mm)121" (307 cm)-n/a--n/a-2675 lbs (1216 kg)
HB48-1212 gauge (2.70 mm)49" (124 cm)-n/a--n/a-1100 lbs (500 kg)
HB73-1616 gauge (1.60 mm)73" (185 cm)-n/a--n/a-1200 lbs (545 kg)
HB97-1818 gauge (1.25 mm)97" (246 cm)-n/a--n/a-1385 lbs (628 kg)
HB97-1616 gauge (1.60 mm)97" (246 cm)-n/a--n/a-1675 lbs (760 kg)
HB97-1212 gauge (2.70 mm)97" (246 cm)-n/a--n/a-2800 lbs (1273 kg)
HB121-1414 gauge (2.00 mm)121" (307 cm)-n/a--n/a-3250 lbs (1477 kg)
HB121-1616 gauge (1.60 mm)121" (307 cm)-n/a--n/a-2875 lbs (1304 kg)
HB121-1818 gauge (1.25 mm)121" (307 cm)-n/a--n/a-2300 lbs (1043 kg)
HB145-1818 gauge (1.25 mm)145" (368 cm)-n/a--n/a-3400 lbs (1545 kg)
Box & Pan Brakes
HBU48-1212 ga (2.70 mm)48-1/4" (122 cm)2,3,4 in. (51,76,101 mm)4" (102mm)1330 lbs (603 kg)
HBU72-1616 ga (1.60 mm)72" (183 cm)2,3,4 in. (51,76,101 mm)4" (102mm)1700 lbs (772 kg)