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Part Number: CY72-145


Product Features

  • The ideal pad for compounding and heavier polishing in detail work
  • Use for paint cleaning and deoxidizing, paint compounding and polishing, and metal and chrome polishing
  • Use on paint, metal, fiberglass, gelcoat, glass, acrylic surfaces and more
  • Each pair packaged to protect from contaminants until ready to use
  • Premium-grade genuine cyclo pads feature hook and loop backing for quick pad changes and provide longest life for many repeat uses



Orange Compound & Polishing Pad: An exceptional, all-in-one cleaning and polishing pad. This high density pad has the power to remove light scratches and to polish. 4 Velcro pads per package.

This exceptional, all-in-one cleaning and polishing pad has the power to remove light to 2500 grade scratches and the finesse to polish many surfaces. Know as "European" foam, this high density orange foam is stiffer than yellow fine and green Cyclo foam and has a strong polishing bite. On softer paints, though, it can cause blushing. Recommended for paint polishing and cleaning, deoxidizing, paint compounding and metal and chrome polishing. Only genuine Cyclo pads have been designed to work precisely with Cyclo Toolmakers' polishers. The orange 72-145 pad is next-to-most aggressive of the six foam pads offered by Cyclo Toolmakers. Each foam pad is 4 inches in diameter and made from pre-polymer polyester technical foam with superior tenacity and abrasion- and tear-resistance. They are durable, long lasting and provide top performance.

Note : For use with Velcro (Hook & Loop) Head CYCLO POLISHERS

1 lbs (0.5Kg) shipping weight.
Part NumberDescriptionUsesPads per PackColorBacking
CY74-660Fastcut DiscRemoves Bugs, grime, oil, heavy oxidation.10WhiteVelcro/Hook and Loop
CY72-110Super Fine Finishing PadExtra shine, final wax, paint sealant4WhiteVelcro/Hook and Loop
CY72-115Extra Fine Buffing/FinishingLight polishing and new detailing work. Wax application and final wax buff.4BlueVelcro/Hook and Loop
CY72-120Buffing PadDeoxidizing, light and medium polishing, all-in-one, swirl removal.4GreenVelcro/Hook and Loop
CY72-135Blending/PolishingCompounding, scratch removal, deoxidizing, and polishing paint and metal.4YellowVelcro/Hook and Loop
CY72-145Scratch Removal/BlendingCompounding, heavier polishing, paint cleaning.4OrangeVelcro/Hook and Loop
CY72-455Removes Swirls and ScratchesMetal Polishing, aggressive paint compounding.4YellowVelcro/Hook and Loop
CY76-810Ultra Soft Upholstery BrushFine interiors, upholstery, fine carpets.2GrayEither
CY76-830Shampoo BrushFine carpets and upholstery.2AquaEither
CY76-840Carpet BrushCarpets and interiors. Ideal for more durable carpets.2WhiteEither
CY76-870Scrubbing BrushTile, Grout, Bed Liners.2BlackEither

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