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Part Number: CYCLO5


Product Features

  • Bonnet Heads for use with CY71 series pads and accessories.
  • New Vibration Elimination System (VES) significantly reduces vibration stress.
  • 115v electric, 2800 rpm at 1/3 hp



The Cyclo Wonder Orbital Polisher was developed for the aircraft industry to polish aircraft, supersonic jets, and missiles the exacting standards required for government approval. It is used by most major airlines and aircraft manufacturers to polish without gouging, marring or burning, as a rotary polisher may do. It leaves no swirl marks and gives a beautifully polished finish. Even a beginner can do a professional job quickly, easily and safely. This versatile durable tool can be used for cutting, compounding, waxing, scrubbing, and cleaning.

9 lbs (4Kg) shipping weight.

Cyclo LogoWhy is Cyclo Polisher the world's premier polisher? The answer can be found in its patented dual orbital heads. Rather than spin like traditional rotary polishers, the Cyclo Polisher's heads rotate in an overlapping circular motion. Its movement is almost identical to hand polishing, only much quicker. That unique combination of motion, speed, and just the right weight makes it perfect for deoxidizing, buffing, and glazing paint and metals to a mirror finish.

Equally important, the Cyclo tool's innovative design eliminates the two main problems that plague rotary polishers: heat build-up that can cause visible burns, gouges and swirls, and vibration

Perfect for every polishing project.

The Cyclo Polisher's legend began in 1953 when the tool was approved for use by the government to polish military aircraft and missiles. During those years, the machine earned its reputation for durability and dependability as it was used on fleet after fleet of large airplanes. In fact, there are many 50-year-old Cyclo Polishers still in use around the world.

Features at a glance

  • Diecast, precision machined 380 aluminum alloy case
  • Tough ABS insulated handle
  • Sealed, steel ball bearings and needle bearings
  • Easily servicible long-life carbon brushes
  • Sturdy high-torque motor with integral metal cooling fan
  • Well-balanced engonomic design
  • Helical cut nylon gears
  • Hardened steel gear shafts
  • Twin 3000 orbits per minute hand-action heads
orbital motion

Genuine Cyclo Accessories and Attachment Options

Part NumberDescriptionPads per PackColorBacking
CY74-660Fastcut Disc10WhiteVelcro/Hook and Loop
CY73-515Suede Microfiber Pad Cover4 Either
CY73-530Terrycloth Microfiber Pad Cover4 Either
CY72-110Super Fine Finishing Pad4WhiteVelcro/Hook and Loop
CY72-115Extra Fine Buffing/Finishing4BlueVelcro/Hook and Loop
CY72-120Buffing Pad4GreenVelcro/Hook and Loop
CY72-135Blending/Polishing4YellowVelcro/Hook and Loop
CY72-145Scratch Removal/Blending4OrangeVelcro/Hook and Loop
CY71-110Super Fine Finishing Pad2WhiteBonnet
CY71-120Buffing Pad2GreenBonnet
CY71-145Scratch Removal/Blending2OrangeBonnet
CY72-435Removes Pits and Scratches4WhiteVelcro/Hook and Loop
CY72-455Removes Swirls and Scratches4YellowVelcro/Hook and Loop
CY76-810Ultra Soft Upholstery Brush2GrayEither
CY76-830Shampoo Brush2AquaEither
CY76-840Carpet Brush2WhiteEither
CY76-870Scrubbing Brush2BlackEither

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